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1.4 short texts "A Hard Country" & "Porirua Friday Night"

'A Hard Country' written by Kevin Ireland on a literal level describes the effects of a drought using the setting to highlight the issues raised and the impact it inflicts upon the environment. The inclusion of imagery techniques vividly evokes a feeling of farmyard suffering acknowledging the idea that this poem was written as a means to create awareness and keep readers actively involved in the realities of a drought. Sam Hunt's poem 'Porirua Friday Night' is simply outlining a conversation which he had with a supermarket worker; Her life, future and love interest he implys as being foolish and juvenille interestingly expressing the expectations associated with living in a small town.

Onomatopoeia raised interest as it not only allows the reader to visually interpret the poem but to also imagine the poem in audio aswell. "trickle to dust" exaggerates the unruley conditions a drought causes; however the use of the word 'trickle' is controversial because of the connotations linking it directly to the sound water makes which in this setting is difficult to imagine and unlikely to be heard. Ireland's decision to incorporate the word 'inhuman' is ironic due to the immense amount of personification found throughout this poem. Personification being a language technique used to describe non-living objects with human characteristics creates a sense of uncertainty as all the previous statements of 'A Hard Country' relate directly to human mannersims.

These techniques displayed to the audience acknowledge the truth in the little society know about droughts as human culture usually avoid living in such harsh surroundings. The large amount of imagery used in this poem is to allow readers to directly understand and know the feelings immediately while they are reading. This idea relates back to the authors attempt to create awareness by using sounds and visuals society is familiar with. "crack" "jitter" Ending the poem in an opposing position allows and enforces the reader to evaluate what they have read for themselves.

'Porirua Friday Night' is recognised as a personal poem for Sam Hunt which is suprising as he writes for his audience and not so much to benefit himself. Hunt's narrative style makes it known to the audience that he has personal links with the girl included in the conversation; personal pronouns stated and highlighted his emotions connected to her life and having written the poem in first person context acknowledges that this is his own interpretation and hasnt consulted anyone else for their opinion. "Going with the boy" The colloquial lanuage set an informal, casual tone however the decisions she has made are the opposite; Her selfless character evokes a sympathetic feeling as it is clear the writer doubts she will get her happy ever after. This is influenced by the wordchoice of 'going' that it was out of convenience rather than true desire.

Social acceptance is an under-lying idea I believe in 'Porirua Friday Night' as the contrast of opinions is obvious.Hunt wrote 'Poirua Friday Night' with a Fatherly voice. He allows the reader to hear the disappointment and dicomfort he feels as itseems that he expected more from her rather than being stereotyped a typical small town girl. His reluctance to except that she doesntget to experience a night "on the town" however is eliminated as she voices and describes which doesnt seem to be judged at the tender age of 15her love and dedication towards "her man". Although there are still many que's within the poem that display his sceptical veiw point for example his use of the word "smock" providing connotations to pregnancy.

There are no strong connections between these two poems as one describes social acceptance and the other the lack of knowledge society is equiped with on worldly issues; however the common factor is society bringing these two poems together.

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