Thursday, May 21, 2009

1.2 Formal Writing - Social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook are endangering teenagers.

Social networking websites such as Myspace and Facebook are not endangering the safety of teenagers while online. Instigators of the virtual world have allowed and made safety features accessible to all users of their websites also providing recommendations of how they are able to prevent bad situations. It is to be understood by the worried percentage of the general public that not all members of the social network are predators but friendly associates which society is constantly surrounded and living alongside of. Citizens need to come to the realisation that it is in fact teenagers occupying and insisting that socially designed websites remain available to be used freely.

Privacy tools are constantly being suggested throughout the set up of an account to be used in a social environment. All applications require certain information making sure users are of an appropriate age and are not making multiple accounts to potentially hack systems and create chaos in an originally pleasant and welcoming setting. These features of protection provide options to the amount and type of information network consumers want openly exposed on the page they occupy within the main site. There is also the choice of having a private page on “Bebo” which only allows requested and legit friends the opportunity to interact with however the decision is up to the user.

There is a common belief amongst elder generations that sexual predators, bullies and bad influences are predominantly acting with fake identities on social networks leaving teenagers displayed in a vulnerable and powerless position to the rest of the online population however this is definitely not correct nor true. Unfortunately it is the rare minority which is damaging the reputation of the online social circuit against the majority which is acting appropriately in a positive manner. Out of the 200 million “Facebook” followers there is a diminutive percent of actively negative pressures and manipulative profiles waiting to attack and provoke teenagers while they are obliviously enjoying and participating in the happy attitude followed by most.

The teenage community stress they do not feel threatened by other online users rejecting the dangerous philosophy voiced by removed figures with prior negative and opinions which don’t accept the new technological age. This is clear as statistics show 65% of social networking users are the adolescent population who demand upgrades and newer activities to stay amused while remaining social from the privacy of their own homes. It is clear by the success rate of social networking with “Facbook” being priced at 15 billion dollars that there is no lack of online interest proving teenagers feel comfortable to express and contribute to the profiles they create for themselves.

However, it’s acknowledged that the total of suicidal teenagers is concerning and should not have resulted to an increasing tally. Precautions need to be stimulated within families, schools and communities of acceptable and unacceptable footage, photographs, information and behaviour in a realm of subjective reality. However if teenagers expose themselves and do not follow through with vital safety measures offenders have control, in a downward spiral which is hard to prevent.

Social networking is safe when basic rights and rules associated with different networks are not challenged and abused. When society is educated internet security will maintain and potentially become free of destruction.


  1. Merit-Excellence. I am split. Your structure and your argument are excellent. However I feel like your language is a little contrived, and you have begun to over write! Keep it formal, but keep it real as well. Try reading it aloud and see if it sounds convincing. Good work lady! You are collecting an impressive array of essays!!

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