Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1.2 Formal Writing - The internet is a dangerous place.

The internet has been a convenient, global, working resource which is no longer portraying only a positive outlook but has become one of the most negative, dangerous influences amoungst teenagers, children and elder generations of today. I am against the use of internet without controlled supervision in under-age zones and strongly recommend adults educate themselves on the dangers which arise with access to an internet connection.

Cyber bullying is strong and growing only being fuelled by the use of social networking sites such as “Facebook”; online services like this make it only too easy for predators to abuse as individuals or groups in a public environment without physical confrontation. Precautions are taken by for example “Bebo” but how much control do they have of what is happening on the pages of their network and what action is taken to find the bullies once their identities have been made known. It seems that this type of social interaction has little purpose as the primary reasoning is not of high enough importance to make the vast number of suicidal teens due to cyber bullying increasing each year valid.

Addictions are advertised and easily found on search engines with a simple click of a button only allowing gambling and pornography to be accessible to any internet user no matter their age, personality type and history. Gambling has seen many previously decent people with good morals lose all of their money, possessions, jobs and families trust in them because of a habit which became a hobby which then influenced their lives negatively until they were helplessly addicted. Pornography is one of the highest selling items browsed throughout the internet which in my opinion should not be included in a popular resource used for educational purposes. Having this type of entertainment online has made it harder for anybody trying to rehabilitate themselves back into a life free of gambling/pornography and easy for the under-age population to participate in these activities.

Exploitation of photographs and videos has ruined many hopeful futures because of the options allowing anybody to upload anything onto the screens of internet users without the permission of those involved. University entrance has been denied and jobs turned down because of the content shown online. The exploitation of films which are leaked onto the internet has left a hole in the movie industry and music alike, commonly known as piracy. This is currently trying to be mended however it is unlikely because of the false profiles the internet allows society to have while living a virtual life. Exploitation is a serious crime which the internet solely made a reality.

Even though there are dangers associated with the internet I acknowledge it is an immediate learning tool which has masses of reliable information. Google and other databases have stored relevant information which when searched are found within seconds. It is accessible worldwide providing knowledge from international sources which is uploaded and updated regularly educating from more than one person and countries perspective. The internet has proved appealing to all aged students and members of society looking for an extension resulting in a fascinating piece of technology when used with caution and care.

I am in agreement with the statement "The internet is a dangerous place".


  1. Excellence. I like this one. It is well structure, detailed but concise. Your tone is good here, formal without being over the top. Good range of examples as well. Good work.

  2. Thanx i have a test today and you have helped me revise the formal writing structure.