Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1.2 Formal Writing - The drinking age should be raised to 21.

The drinking age in New Zealand should unquestionably be raised to 21. The adolescent generation currently abuse the right of adult and mature privileges with unacceptable behaviour in unrestricted settings, the vast misuse and initiation of money into the multi-million dollar industry, unfortunate accidents and the amount of unplanned pregnancies and violence inflicted upon family are steadily becoming more concerning as the statistics rise each year. I am strongly in agreement with the law being altered to a more suitable and appropriate age which will freely offer alcohol to society when they are emotionally ready.

The convenience and ease of access to consume alcohol with no limitations has lead and been the sole reasoning behind many irresponsible occurrences which have been inflated through media embellishing the need for more boundaries while under the influence of alcohol. It is certain that a law needs to be instigated into communities to avoid the statistics which undoubtedly demand change. 30% of all suicides are alcohol related. 45% of all auto-mobile deaths are alcohol related. 30% of all deaths caused by fire are alcohol related. 30% of all drowning are alcohol related. It is dominant that alcohol is affecting the inner workings of society and an age increase is an ideal solution because of the maturity level reached when at the age of 21 in comparison to the tender age of 18.

Money is another main factor averting the right course of action as the Government receives most profit from businesses manufacturing alcohol which then is sold with high tax potentially damaging financial stability in families and students attempting to educate themselves. Wealth is also challenging the health department and services as 5.3 billion is drained each year because of alcohol mistreatment alone proving that those funds could be spent on a new technological age within the future of New Zealand because of denying alcohol to citizens under the age of 21. It is in the best interest for our countries economical state to activate a positive escalation concerning a proper legal drinking age.

Pregnancy commonly has a higher accidnetal conception rate because of the personality change and careless approach to life changing decisions which is realised with alcohol in your system as you are not fully aware and in control. An age increase would help eliminate the children which grow up a direct outcome of an unplanned and an unrecalled relation with alcohol which consequently struggle to feel wanted only strengthening the cycle as younger and younger children turn to alcohol as a release. Pregnancy affects all aspects of a previously functional family as successful futures diminish at such young ages reinforcing the need for politics to support the need for drinking to be legal at the age of 21.

Many families feel the physical disadvantages of alcohol because young adults are experimenting too young with alcohol setting up violent and bad actions for all future contact they may have with this substance. Street fights are becoming a customary event at parties and public events as alcohol affects and induce behaviour which differs from the persona individuals usually have while sober. Aggression and hostility are steadily develpoing into feuds fueling the gang culture within New Zealand.

However, I do acknowledge that if 18 year olds have been accepted into the adult world with the privilege of voting they should also be allowed to choose and have options which offer alcohol also. I also recognize that it is the minority which publicly ruin the repuation of the majority associated with alcohol although, I firmly believe an age increase will help abolish all unfortunate issues and problems by refusing access so that society is able to experience life sober before they decide to expose and introduce all of the other concerns previously mentioned.

The drinking age should be raised from 18 to 21.

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