Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1.2 practise essay - Modern youth has too much temptation

Dear Editor,
Modern youth are exposed to too much temptation throughout the works of society; What is being offered to them, forced upon them, expected of them, and easily accessed by them is ruining and prioritising what is now the illusion of necessities opposed to what reality holds as being of value. Youth are constantly tempted by alcohol, drugs, sex, night life and the ability to have underage freedom which unfortunately is appealing to too many teens over the importance of education, law enforcement, the knowledge of right and wrong and moral values.

Alcohol is tempting and swaying modern youth at parties as it unlocks an idealistic path to the ultimate "cool", popularity and proves relaxing as a means of escaping the stress forced towards and surrounding them outside of an environment containing alcohol. These are pressures such as achieving in school, reaching expectations of parents academically and aiming and excelling for their own personal requirements to feel successful in schools which are proving too much for all youth today.

Having an impressive night life is a strong temptation inflicted by peers as it introduces guidelines and unwritten rules within social circles to go out during weekends and attend each known party. This creates the need for stories, certain friends or connections and solely focuses on the hierarchy of popularity as a social pressure pushing youth into rebellious and drama filled situations just to stay connected to the inside and talked about group. Youth are being troubled and lost in what to do as saying no progressively and unwarily produces the fear of missing out instead of doing what is right.

Freedom is a direct want derived from control in which youth are not equipped for and ready to accept and take on as an additional temptation although it has not stopped or refrained many teens. Freedom is an act which is internally thought about and develops into the aspect within society which sees youth spread across the news negatively because they have unregarded all values and gone against morals to impress and live up to expectations of others and themselves. Most youth crave freedom as it opens up a prediction of ease however this is not true.

I do recognise modern youth must experience for themselves to understand and learn from mistakes which are cushioned by support groups, youth lines, councillors and other social working aids which prevent and try to control and define the temptations in an effort to keep them to a minimum in each individuals life. However I believe not enough youth use these services making them pointless with a stereotype of only people with problems use external help.

Modern youth have too much temptation which I believe needs to be refined and limited by elder generations.